For Wholesalers – Help Funding Your Transaction

Real Estate Wholesalers & Fix and Flippers – Have a deal but don’t have the cash for Earnest Money, Closing, or Probate Costs? You are in the right place.

Real Direct Focus JV’s with Real Estate Investors like yourself to provide rapid, trouble-free funding for your deal. We are committed to ensuring success your transaction completes successfully.

We provide the following:

Earnest Money Deposits


Proof of Funds

Investor-Friendly Title Companies



We provide funding or resources in any or all of the areas above to ensure a successful transaction. These include: Proof of Funds, Earnest Money Deposit (EMD), Contracts, Investor-Friendly Title Companies, Probate Fees, and skilled and knowledgeable Partners

Below are some examples of how we help wholesalers, fix and flippers, and buy and hold investors close deals effectively.

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